Good day.

I am George April, owner of Hopefield Master Builders. My 35+ years of experience in the construction industry has taught me many things Рnot only  about the job, but also about people.

Trust and quality is the core on which Hopefield Master Builders was built. Trust is earned through consistent quality, and respect for the needs of one’s clients.

In short, the needs of the customer comes first – and that approach has always worked well for us.

Many people are – unfortunately – compelled to hire builders they do not know, and with whom they have never had a chance to build relationships based on mutual trust – sadly, often with disappointing results. Many clients simply live too far away from their building sites to be able to effectively monitor their builder’s activities, and ensure the quality of their workmanship.

My testimonials will confirm that I have a group of very happy customers. Some of them have used me repeatedly for different projects.

I am take my work seriously, focus on quality and work responsibly when unsupervised. That creates the edge to do what I love, which is is to be trusted and do the very best of what is expected of me.